Johannesburg Metro – Fun and games in South Africa’s economic hub

The Johannesburg metro is located in the west-central part of Gauteng province on an elevated ridge called the Witwatersrand, which is Afrikaans for “whitewater mountain range”. These hills and range of hills are rich in gold and other precious metals, and trace their origins to the gold boom of yesteryear. The area is also known as “Highveld” due to its elevation of 1,753 meters (5,751 ft). The metro has a relatively dry climate with rain in the summer, and rains occur in the late afternoon.

The Johannesburg Metro is just west of the Ekurhuleni Metro. Johannesburg is the economic center of South Africa and is not usually considered a tourist destination. Due to the volume of visitors passing through the Johannesburg metro, tourist attractions have been developed to expose the interesting history and culture of this region. These include a number of museums, an amusement park, a zoo, exhibitions, sports grounds and other attractions.

Some of the most famous attractions:

Gold Reef City

A restored former gold mine and mining town, transports visitors back in time to the early gold rush days. The miner offers underground tours, showing what it’s like to be a miner. In the Mining Museum one can observe how real gold is poured into ingots. In the vicinity of this mining town are a variety of restaurants and shops

This historic park is a great place to bring the whole family. The amusement park offers rides for young and old. For those less inclined to work their adrenaline glands overtime, one can enjoy a steam train ride or a bus ride and take in the beautiful scenery across the city.

Johannesburg Zoo

Johannesburg Zoo is just over 100 years old and contains over 2,000 animals. The zoo has partnered with local and regional conservation authorities and is proactively considering contributing to our conservation and research operations in various ways. It also plays an essential role in teaching children about conservation. Children respond well to the Touch, Feel, Smell, and Hear program that takes place throughout the year, and night tours are also very popular. This is another great place to bring the whole family.

Johannesburg Botanic Gardens

These gardens create a beautiful retreat from the urban jungle of Johannesburg as they are located 6km from the city centre. There are some popular areas within the park. The Herb Garden highlights traditional African herbs as well as herbs commonly used in our kitchens. The rose garden is a beautiful sight during the flower season as more than 4,500 rose bushes display colorful roses. For those in a contemplative mood can wonder through Shakespeare’s Garden.

Although the area is known as an urban jungle, there are more than ten million trees in and around Metro Johannesburg. It is the second largest man-made forest in the world. Tree planting started as a resource for the mining industry and has expanded over the years. The Metro Council actively promotes tree planting and conservation awareness programs that focus on the value of trees to the environment.

Next time you travel to Johannesburg, consider spending a few days here enjoying these attractions.

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