Latest available DMRC stations for Delhi Metro AD

Delhi Metro Advertising has more locations for promotional activities now with DMRC (Delhi Metro Railway Company) opening more stations for advertising. The medium, which is seeing exponential growth in brand spend, now has more stations where brands can show off their USPs. This article explores some of the metro stations that have the potential to become the best Delhi metro ads locations. It was first opened for advertising and promotional activities.

Ashok Park Main

Ashok Park Mine is located in West Delhi. It is an interchange station connecting the Red Line and the Blue Line. Interchange stations, by their very nature of connecting stations, see huge rushes of traffic on a daily basis. They provide the best opportunities for high visibility among all stations. The main Ashok Park metro station has the same characteristics and brands will be able to connect with passengers of the Green Line, Red Line and Blue Line here. Ashok Park Main is also located in the industrial area of ​​West Delhi and promises exposure at the center of industrial activity in the region.

Satguru Ramsingh Marg

Satguru Ramsingh Marg is located between the busy stations of Ashok Park Main and Kirti Nagar. As such, it receives traffic from both Ashok Park Main and Kirti Nagar metro stations.

Punjabi Bagh

Punjabi Bagh Metro Station is an ideal location to advertise in front of a posh crowd and in posh locality. Punjabi Bagh is well known for its high end target groups and commercial establishments like banks, restaurants etc. It also has many educational institutions like SM ARYA Public School, Hans Raj Model School etc. which makes it an ideal place to target youngsters.

Shivaji Park

Shivaji Park is the next metro station to Punjabi Bagh and shares its posh area. Shivaji Park can be used effectively to cover the remaining areas of Punjabi Bagh and also to expand the brand’s presence near the important Punjabi Bagh station.


You can advertise in Madipur metro station to target the audience in the outskirts of the city areas. The place is also located on the Haryana border and hence can be used to target the masses from there as well.

Paschim Vihar (East and West)

Pachem Vihar metro stations (in the east and west) can be used to increase brand awareness in one of the largest areas in the National Capital Region.


Peeragarhi metro station is located in the major transport hub of outer ring road and rohtak road. Advertising here brings visibility in front of the tourists and passengers on the roads.

Udyog Nagar

Udyog Nagar, as the name suggests, is a major industrial area. The area is famous for several markets that are within walking distance from the Udyog Nagar metro station. Advertising here translates as brand promotion at locations closest to the point of sale.

Surajmal Stadium

Surajmal Stadium Metro Station serves as the entry point to Surajmal Stadium. Thus, it is an ideal way to attract the different crowds that make their way to the stadium during the morning and evening. The crowd doubles on the occasion of the events held at the stadium.


Nangloi Metro Station ads can be used to target the middle-income, working-class group in Delhi and NCR.

Nanglui railway station

The Nangloi Railway Station metro station connects the elevated railway station to the rest of Delhi/NCR via DMRC lines. Located in a railway station, it can catch the eye of even commuters commuting to and from Delhi.

Rajdhani Park

Rajdhani Park metro station is just one stop away before Mundka which has come to be known as the industrial area.


Mondka has seen some rapid developments in recent years. It is now a bustling industrial area along with the educational institutions and temples for which it is famous.
The brands, with an interest in the Delhi/NCR markets, now additionally have the aforementioned pickup stations where they can participate in brand building campaigns. Related Delhi Metro Advertising Agencies anticipate exciting times ahead with the opening of the aforementioned new locations.

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