Used Exmark Metro – Buying Tips

It’s nearly impossible to know exactly how the Exmark Metro behind a mower you’ve been considering buying has been handled in the past, and some sellers aren’t completely honest about the condition of their lawn mowers’ engine and parts. The good news is that Exmark makes incredibly powerful mowers that are designed to handle more use than the average homeowner models found at chain stores.

Here are some things to check before you buy.

Blade Spindles – Oscillate all blade spindle pins located above the cutting surface. They must be firm in their directions. A little movement means the bearings need to be replaced. Two bearings per spindle will cost you about $20. Lots of movement means the entire spindle assembly will probably need to be replaced at a cost of about $120. Both of these fixes are very routine and easy to fix on your own.

Belts – Check all belts for rips or cracks. A new belt may cost you $40

Tires – These little frames can last forever. Just make sure there are no holes in the sidewalls of the tires. The landscape gets a lot of sharp debris, so a few tire stoppers is normal.

Engine – The engine should run smoothly and the engine rpm should not drop or run obliviously at idle or gear. Look for an oil leak. Replacing seals takes time, and if you don’t do the work yourself it can be expensive.

General Appearance – A rusty mower indicates that it has been left outside a lot. Water is the biggest enemy of all lawn mowers and I will try to avoid buying a very rusty lawn mower. Water can damage electrical systems and damage bearings. I would also be hesitant to buy a mower that has been repainted.

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